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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

I'm delighted to be able to bring this

right to you at the comfort of your own home to keep you safe- no need to travel :)

This how it started. When people are missed gym sessions/my classes and 1-1 fitness, they sat down more in lock down, getting stiffer and achier than before.

As a result of the Covid 19 lock down, there were months where myself and other physical therapists could not work hands on.

I encountered growing concerns from my patients so I decided to offer video consulations.

This was a solution to keep people fit, supple, mobile and pain free.

Call it serendipity! My clients loved the online sessions so much that they asked me to encorporate more rehab into my hands on sessions in the future. Can you believe it?

They found doing some of the the work themselves empowered them and gave them a better idea of doing the exercises correctly for homework after I was able to monitor and correct form.

Now my hands on sessions encorporate more rehabilitation than before!

For prevention and to keep up with Osteo home rehabilitation, online sessions have provided maintenance to prevent pain arising and helped to manage existing pain and stiffness.

I want to help to keep you mobile and pain-free, and help you achieve your goals.

I've always offered life coaching and mindfulness breath work in person, now is the time to allow you to get help, anywhere with more flexibility for time!

I also offer PAY LATER plans. This way you can put your HEALTH FIRST...

My video calls are fun and like a strength/stretch class, only more personalised like a 1-1 PT session with an Osteopathic perspective, without the price tag. My patients felt great after the video calls- stronger, lighter and looser after all the stretching and mobility work.

The mindfulness (breath work) and life coaching has also been a hit online!

So what's stopping you?

Stay safe at home and save time and money on travel.

I also offer osteoyogalates (pilates/yoga combo) as I'm a qualified fitness instructor with an Osteopathic perspective/background.

They are tailored to the individual's specific area of pain and goals...whether you want to tone up, just stretch to loosen up, lose weight etc.

How does it work?

- Video call appts minimum 40mins.

- Follow up of symptoms, exercises etc

- Active mobility assessment

- Dynamic stretching/warm up

- Mobility work

- Strengthening exercises

- Static stretching/cool down

- Home exercises/ time specific advice for problematic areas.

Another way I want to help is by offering a FREE session per referral for video appointments and in person appointments- so please let your friends and family know about my services and my referral scheme as it may benefit them too! Thank you :)

Please SHARE the love by sharing this news and this blog!

I really hope this helps any of you struggling with your pain, your goals or your finances, I've made my services affordable with a pay later scheme because we are in this together x

Please stay in touch and stay well...

Love Krish x

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