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Why do I have low back pain? An Osteopathic perspective

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

This may seem like a basic enough question with a simple answer but in fact, there are several reasons why you may have low back pain.


Low back pain, followed by neck and shoulder pain in close second place, is the most commonly reported region of pain. As the use of technology rises each year, neck and shoulder pain is also on the increase.

The way the spine sits, with it's most weight-bearing discs in the lumbar spine at the bottom of the back (low back), the L5 disc vertebra is most susceptible to "wear and tear" and likely to degenerate first, or be affected by disc herniations. This is because the L5 vertebra due to it's location being at the base of the spine, is subject to most compression out any of lumbar disc vertebrae.

So, is back pain new? No. Osteopaths and other manual therapists may not have been around by title, but people have been using yoga, massage, and other forms of healing for centuries.

Your Osteopath can only achieve so much in an appointment, therefore, it's vital the patient carries on with home exercise rehabilitation prescription and sports/physical activity incorporating strength and stretching to maintain fitness, suppleness and to prevent further or new pain from arising in the body.


Working on your strength and being mindful of your posture is a great place to start . Regular Osteopathy (monthly maintenance appointments) complimented with regular intrinsic postural stabiliser strengthening can together create excellent results at counter balancing the negative impact of repetitive strain, being sedentary or in any fixed position for long periods.

Your Osteopath can help to guide you through these exercises and prescribe them to you, as well as give you other tips on how to maintain your spinal health and prevent wear and tear if you are concerned about this in particular.


Trauma, or sports such as golf or bowls which involve repetitive spinal rotation, can also cause low back pain over time, as can certain professions that involve standing and/heavy lifting for long periods such as waitressing, hair dressing and carpentry.

Even your Osteopath is more susceptible to low back pain due to the nature of their work and can benefit from some hands on Osteopathic treatment every so often!

There you have it folks. I hope that was helpful!

Stay happy and healthy 😊.

Osteopaths are healthcare professionals and therefore our role is to promote health and wellbeing. If you have any further questions or would like to know if or how seeing an Osteopath could help you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

📞: 07903850720

Krish 🧡💙xo

Registered Osteopath & Fitness coach

Sports massage practitioner

My OsteoPATH to Wellness

Berrylands, Surbiton, Kingston

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