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About me

  • About your Osteopath. I am a registered and experienced Osteopath. I have been an Osteopath since 2015. I’m qualified with a 4 year full time BSc degree in Osteopathic medicine, covering modules in anatomy, pathology, nutrition, paediatrics, gynaecology, pharmacology etc .

  • I am a qualified fitness coach and have also worked a Sports Massage Practitioner (iTech level 3) for 12 years, complementing my role as an Osteopath. 

  • My combined knowledge and holistic approach towards treating pain and sports injuries as both an Osteopath, fitness coach and sports massage practitioner enables me to get patients back to training or back to daily activities asap, often after just a couple of "tailored to you" treatments.

  • Osteopaths treat more than just backs, we treat all joints and areas of the body. One of the Osteopathic principles is to see the body as a whole. My approach towards each ailment includes assessing the entire body.

  • My rehabilitation prescription to patients is enhanced by my role as a fitness coach. I run fitness classes and also offer private 1:1 sessions, online available too. 

  • As a healthcare practitioner and wellness enthusiast, I am passionate about promoting health. I know that health is not limited to physical health, and this is why lifestyle is assessed and the other services we offer can help too.

  • I go the extra mile with my patients, also letting them know they can contact me at any time, even once their care ends and once they are out of pain and/only coming in for occasional maintenance sessions.

  • I have worked in a Chiropractic clinic as well as a Sports clinic, so my Osteopathic treatment style incorporates a competent level of gentle, safe yet effective joint manipulation as well a variety of massage, stretching and joint mobilisations and oscillations, based on patient preference too.

  • I specialise in postural rehabilitation and therefore have a special interest in treating postural issues in patients of all ages. I also have a special interest and have had excellent results in treating disc issues, pregnant women, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and foot, knee and shoulder pain!

  • For me, Osteopathy is all about putting my patients first and helping them get out of pain fast by helping to restore the body’s normal structure and function. This enables patients to speedily unlock their body's full potential. Osteopathy isn't about providing a short-term solution; therefore, I educate my patients with advice and home exercises to maintain their results and optimise function for the long term. This way they are not reliant on care, but allowing an option for maintenance every so often.  

     Karishma (Krish)

     Principle Female Osteopath

     Registered Osteopath BSc. Fitness Coach 

     My OsteoPATHtoWellness


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