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Krish's Immune Boosting and Stay Well Tips!

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

During this difficult period, your health and self care is a priority.

I've been practising what I preach to keep supple and I hope you are too! Catching up with admin and studying more, I started getting stiff as not usually sat down so much and been doing my best to avoid cabin fever! Here are some stay well tips for you which you may already be doing, and if not, you may want to try: 1) Keep moving- we are allowed 1 walk a day as long as it's alone/or with a household member and we keep enough distance from others. Get up from your desk or sofa every 20-30mins (put an alarm on if if helps/alarm on vibrate).

2) Yoga, strength work and stretching and Krish's rehab exercises.

3) Keep hydrated- you're more likely to get stiff with dehydrated tissues and discs. Drinking extra fluids also helps with metabolism, brain fog and it means you will move around more anyway if you need to use the loo more... :)

4) Deep diaphragmatic breathing (what I taught at the Women's Wellness Workshop- breath yoga Pranayama), will increase lung function and strengthen the immune system as well as increasing concentration and relieving stress.

I can teach you this.. it is great for respiratory conditions and strengthens the lungs too. Covid 19 affects the lungs so start working on them as a precaution, regardless of whether you've respiratory issues. Physical yoga is also good for the lungs.

5) Green veg is fantastic for strengthening your immune system as is most fruit and veg (vitamins are anxioxidants). Increase the variety of colours of fruit and veg you eat- aim for a rainbow of 5 a day. Avoid alcohol and caffeine which supresses the immune system and can affect our mental health (depression, anxiety etc.).

6) Avoid pan frying as excessive heat kills nutrients. Bake, steam or oven bake. Raw is best e.g. add fresh spinach to smoothies or add water cress to your soups and sandwiches.

7) Zinc citrate supplementation is excellent for your immune system (of course foods rich in zinc are necessary too- cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, oats, beans and legumes, spinach, mushrooms, fish, organic cocao powder). Avoid zinc oxides, usually cheaper and the body may only absorb 10% max of the zinc according to research (see a nutritionist for expert advice).

8) Keep putting things into perspective and practise gratitude- make a list of three things you are thankful for every morning. Isolation means greater time to do things you can't always find time for- more time with your family, and more time for rest, more time for spring cleaning or finishing that book you've not got round to reading due to lack of time.

9) Connect with nature. Walks and sitting by the window in the sun will improve your mood. Exercise and the sun together are a great mood enhancer :)

10) Connect with your loved ones and check in on them using technology. There's a great app called house party. It allows group video call and group games. Laughter is great for the immune system too!

11) Avoid checking the media too much- checking news feeds and watching the news with negative or fear mongering content excessively may cause more anxiety. A lot of it isn't helpful or positive.

Alone doesn't have to mean lonely.

If there's anything I've missed or that you think would also help us all, please let me know.

Stay safe, stay well!

Love Krish x

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