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8 Low Back Pain Tips Post Therapy

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Here are some tips the may be useful to employ for low back pain.

If you are experiencing low back pain, the advice below could aggravate it if not used properly.

Please be mindful to seek professional advice from your physical therapist/ Osteopath before following a new training programme or after-care advice such as the advice given in this post.

Hands on therapy complemented with regular compliance to stretches/strength exercises prescribed to you by your Osteopath, is an excellent way to speed up recovery once symptoms lessen in severity. This way you can return to daily activities pain free as soon as possible.

Please book an appointment with an Osteopath near you if you are suffering in silence!

After-care (after Osteopathy treatment advice):

1) Glute (buttock) stretch daily to keep the low back supple...1 min each side timed, 2x day if poss. If you've just had your first treatment, wait a couple of days till you start this or until you're told to start. 

2) If you sit down on the sofa, lie sideways instead so less pressure is placed on your back. Avoid sitting for longer than 20 mins during the day at a time. Walk around before returning to sitting, or even better: alternate sitting with standing if this doesn't aggravate your pain. 

3) Apply heat daily for up to 20mins, a hot water bottle (non-direct contact) or have a warm bath to relax muscles with 3 cups of Epsom salts if poss (magnesium in the salt as well as heat relaxes muscles).   

4) Avoid any heavy lifting/deadlifts/ excessive turning/sudden movements/strenuous exercise and avoid low back extension (e.g. Cobra poses in yoga) as this may increase compression. 

5) Aim to go for a walk daily to keep mobile, keep moving throughout the day to stay supple.

6)  Sleep on your less painful side with a pillow in between the knees to keep your hips apart. Sleeping on your back may aggravate it, and sleeping on your tummy is the worst. If you need to lie on your back, placing a pillow under the knees will help somewhat to keep your spine neutral. Stick to/start off with side sleeping only if possible. 

7) Keep hydrated- aim for 3L water daily if poss (or check to see if your pee is clear indicating you're hydrated enough). If you are dehydrated your muscles and tissues get stiff, making pain worse. Rehydrate more after coffee or alcohol. 

8) Try using and ice pack gels over sore joints for acute inflammation (up to 48 hrs after injury) /bio freeze spray or cold sprays can ease sore and acute pain in muscles too. 

Good luck!

Please email: or call 07903850720 if you have any further questions.

With love,

Krish 💗

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