Osteopathy appointment? What to Expect!

As an Osteopath, my role is to make a patient's journey as easy and pleasant as possible. Knowing exactly what to expect at your initial Osteopathic consultation, can help you to be prepared and relaxed, ensuring you get the best out of your care.

Most of you have seen a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor at some stage in your life and it's great to hear more and more of my patients have had at least one course of successful Osteopathic treatment in the past. It seems to me that awareness of Holistic care is growing in popularity, world wide.

I plan to also do a blog highlighting some fundamental differences and similarities between Osteopathy and other manual musculoskeletal healthcare professions, namely Physiotherapy and Chiropractic. Stay tuned!

One of the first questions patients ask before their first ever appointment is, "What do I wear?" Treatment is aimed at restoring mobility and easing pain so massage, mobilisations and stretching is best achieved when there is greater access to regions of pain in the body and connecting areas. Usually shorts and a sports bra enables this and towels are provided.

You may be required to fill in registrations forms with your details and consultation forms as written informed consent is a legal requirement. All details are confidential as per GDPR regulations.

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