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10 Fitness Motivation Tips To Keep you Moving

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Are you struggling to stay motivated with your training regime?

With the changing of season, it's not uncommon for procrastination or complete avoidance to set in.

Here's some tips to help you get started and/keep going:

💪 Make it fun.

Encorporating the exercises you like doing with some of exercises you need will keep you happy. You're more likely to keep going if you enjoy working out!

💪 Mix it up.

Try different work outs to increase various aspects of fitness and strengthen different muscle groups to prevent boredom.

💪Be consistent.

In order to progress (for example, plank for longer or run faster or further), you must practice regularly. Lack of progress, especially if you're set on smashing your goals, is another reason you're likely to give up training altogether.

💪 Accountability

Train with a friend or tell somebody that you can trust your fitness goals. You're less likely to slack when it's not just you expecting to see change and good results.

💪Sense of community

Joining a group class or going for a swim/walk/run/to a class with a loved one can increase motivation by providing a sense of belonging and it keeps things fun. If you give up, the perseverance or willingness of others for you to tag along can motivate you to get keep going or get back into it.

💪Keep things simple

If you can't make your fitness class in person don't, can you do one online? If don't have 45mins to train, just do 15mins, or even 10. Anything is better than nothing and studies show that quality is better than quantity, especially for certain types of exercise (e.g. HIIT).

You do not need to train for an hour daily, 6 days a week to get good results. Even 3 sessions a week that are 30mins can be more effective. It's all about HOW you train. Hiring experts in fitness can help with this. Just saying...😜

💪 Get outdoors

Many people find gyms boring (I prefer classes to using machines). Exercising in nature has been proven by studies to be more enjoyable and better for your mental health.

💪 Make SMART goals/track progress

Keeping track of progress gives you an incentive to keep going because you become your own competition, wanting to crush that PB (personal best), that time frame for your 10k run etc.

Coaches work with their clients and create SMART goals, namely goals that are:

- Specific. E.g. If you want to be able to cycle further, how many km?

- Measurable. Can you measure your progress?

- Action(able). Identify what you need to do to achieve it.

- Realistic. You won't be able to do a marathon with little/no training, how long will you need?

- Time frame - with a set time frame or deadline so you are more likely to work towards it.

💪 Prefuel

Exercising without adequate calorie intake prior is setting your self up for a fail and the same goes for hydration. If your energy is low, your motivation will be even lower. Having enough water and some simple or complex carbohydrates (the type of carb depends on what training you're doing), say 20-60mins before you train can help you get more out of your workout too.

💪 Caffiene

It's not all bad! Caffeine when taken in moderation at the right time and in the right volume can also help you to get the most out of your workouts. It also beats the morning grogginess that's likely to keep you hitting the snooze button 🙃.

💪 Comfort and appropriate gear

Are you able to exercise comfortably? Sure that lilac crop top looks cute on you, but can you actually move in it? Is your mobility reduced? Certain fabric materials are not ideal to work up a sweat in and wearing running shoes for a squash game and jeans for a long power walk is counter productive. I think you get what I'm trying to say: be kind to yourself and ensure you're comfortablebefore you set off.

If you're still hellbent you've no time, motivation or any desire to start a training programme my best bit of advice would be to stay active wherever you can.

Gardening, DIY and activities such as getting off a stop earlier on your commute, taking the stairs instead of the lift where possible or just moving around every 30/60mins with a sedentary job all makes a massive difference to your overall wellbeing.

P.S: Whilst it is great to maintain fitness and increase health with a regular training regime, listening to your body is also key.

Rest days can help with muscle recovery, hormonal balance and prevent you from getting run down and injured.

Try to maintain a healthy balance between taking adequate rest and staying disciplined with your training schedule.

Exercising doesn't have to be a chore if you don't make it one. Have fun!

Krish 💗 x

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