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 My OsteoPATH to Wellness


Available ONLINE 

Mindfulness 1:1s and events 


Relieve pain fast, get active, achieve your goals and optimise your overall health...starting now!

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Why choose My OsteoPATH to Wellness?

I am an experienced Healthcare Practitioner- Osteopath,  

Fitness Coach and Sports Massage Practitioner with a 5 star reputation (see Google reviews) and an 

ALL-IN-1 holistic health approach

My holistic approach towards empowering patients and helping them to understand their pain increases their independence and ability to manage it, 

(the opposite of reliance on care).

Equip yourself with life-time tools for a healthy and happy life:

-Ergonomics, weight loss and muscle recovery

- Future pain management

-Personalised posture and strength rehab

-Breath work, mindfulness and more...


I can help you transform your life and get back to doing what you love fast, whilst preventing future issues.

I have 11 years of hands on experience and started my 4 year Osteopathic medicine degree in 2010.

I love helping patients and I recognise that health is more than a physical component. Honing a variety of skills, I am likely to get you the best results.

Karishma Malde I'm Registered Mark 9306
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I am a female Osteopath in Surbiton offering Osteopathy, Sports massage, Fitness and more. 

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Burnt out, poor sleep, overwhelmed? Ladies and gents, are you feeling more depressed, anxious or since the start of the pandemic?

Join us for some mindfulness and healing 🧘‍♂️.
We will come together to connect with nature, each other and within to prioritise self care for the body, mind and soul 🌸.
Healthy plant based snacks provided🌱🥕.

Hosted by me Krish, Osteopath, Sports Massage therapist, Fitness Coach and Yogi 
 and Juliet @julietwhyte_wellbeing .

Juliet is a an Advanced EFT (Tapping) practitioner, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Transformational Coach. She helps those struggling with stress & anxiety, low self-esteem or emotional issues to restore their wellbeing and awaken their innate self-worth 🙏.

🌿Pranayama breathwork
🌿Vinyasa yoga for all abilities
🌿Metta meditation (love and kindness meditation)
Juliet :
🌿EFT tapping technique
🌿Guided hypnotherapy
🌿Anchoring calming technique



Join me for an afternoon of mindfulness and relaxation from the safety and comfort of your own home...with Krish and Francesca, Reiki master, Meditation host and Herbalist @spiral_tea. 

Relax your mind and increase your energy and focus with Pranayam breath work. 

Boost your flexibility, strength and circulation with a relaxing and mindful Vinyasa yoga flow for all abilities.

Explore your thoughts and emotions with journalling prompts.

Improve your mood and well-being in our Healing herbal Tea Ceremony with handmade Reiki-charged herbal tea. 

Open up your chakras and recharge with group Reiki Healing.

Wind down with some meditation to relax your entire body and mind.

 Online, Sundays 

 3-6pm. Future dates TBC


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April, 13, 2019

Sarah Fenton:

"Krish is a fantastic Osteopath, I would highly recommend seeing her! She is knowledgeable, thorough and skilled at what she does. I have seen numerous healthcare professionals over the last 15 years but Krish has helped me more than any other. Thank you Krish!"

January, 6 , 2020

Jon Carroll:

"I find Krish's training style motivating and fun without being too forceful. Krish mixes things up so I don't only feel the results, I can see them!

I highly recommend Krish, this is certainly one of the most effective fitness programmes I've tried and easily followed through with - finally!!

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June, 2019

Amy Price: 

"I see Krish for my back. She has always been very warm, approachable and honest during my treatment. Krish has gone out of her way to let me know she is available for me to contact her about any questions I had, and has been SO supportive during my recovery. If you're after an approachable, bubbly yet professional Osteo, Krish is your girl".

Rehabilitation plans included

Tailored to individual preferences 

Online classes & personalised


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1:1 Breathwork and Movement Online

Let go of tension in the comfort of your own home.

Mindfulness practices such as Pranayama breathwork have been proven to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress and promote better sleep.

I have a clinical background making classes safe.

Class details:

- Pranayama breathwork

- Mindful body scan and progressive muscle relaxation

- Movement and Vinyasa style yoga flow. 

Modifications for all abilities





Mondays online, 7.10pm

Modifications for all abilities

I have a clinical background,

making classes safe

for anyone with aches/in pain

(subject to a quick health assessment).


Vinyasa yoga style stretches for 10-15 min

at the end of sessions! 


Class details:

- 5 mins warm up.

- 1/2 hour pilates strength work

- Fat burning body weight training encorporated.

- Cool down with 10-15mins Vinyasa yoga style stretching. 




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My OsteoPATH to Wellness maintains a reputable 5* service.

Whether you’re looking to get fitter, stronger, manage symptoms, improve your posture, or discover mindfulness for your mental health, I'm here to help! Our testimonials, Facebook and Google reviews speak for themselves.

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My OsteoPATH to Wellness

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My OsteoPATH to Wellness


Mon and Fri: 10am - 7pm
Tues & Thurs: 10am - 7.30pm

Weekends: Mindfulness events




   Short walk from Surbiton Station

 Trains from Waterloo to Surbiton 

22 mins from Waterloo Station

 15 mins from Clapham Junction

1 rail stop from Wimbledon Station


K1, K2, K3, 281, 71, 418 and 406


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