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Relieve pain fast, get active, achieve your goals and optimise your overall health...starting now!

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Why choose My OsteoPATH to Wellness?

I have 11 years of hands on experience:

-Senior Osteopath, Healthcare Practitioner

-Fitness Coach

-Sports Massage Practitioner

-5 star reputation (60+ 5* Google reviews).


For best results, I incorporate my knowledge from all of my skill sets, whilst tailoring sessions to your needs.

My holistic approach towards empowering patients:

-Helps to understand your pain.

-Increases independence and ability to manage it long- term

-This lessens reliance on care.


Equip yourself with life-time tools for a healthy and happy life!

Optional education and help included for you:

-Personalised posture, strength rehab, stretching.

-Ergonomics, muscle recovery, pre/post-natal

-Future pain management

-Breath work, mindfulness etc.


Help yourself transform your life and get back to doing what you love fast, whilst preventing future issues.

I have 12 years of hands-on experience and I started my 4 year Osteopathic medicine BSc degree in 2010.

Helping patients to feel better is very rewarding.

 I recognise that health is more than just a physical component. Honing a variety of skills, together we can enjoy empowering you to get the best results!

Karishma Malde I'm Registered Mark 9306
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I am a female Osteopath in Surbiton offering Osteopathy, Sports massage in Surbiton,  Fitness and more! 

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COVID and infection control protocols:
Masks mandatory for all
PPE worn by your Osteopath Krish

Hand sanitiser provided
Surfaces, contact points sanitised regularly 
Lateral flow tests taken regularly and advised for patients before treatment


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April, 13, 2019

Sarah Fenton:

"Krish is a fantastic Osteopath, I would highly recommend seeing her! She is knowledgeable, thorough and skilled at what she does. I have seen numerous healthcare professionals over the last 15 years but Krish has helped me more than any other. Thank you Krish!"

January, 6 , 2020

Jon Carroll:

"I find Krish's training style motivating and fun without being too forceful. Krish mixes things up so I don't only feel the results, I can see them!

I highly recommend Krish, this is certainly one of the most effective fitness programmes I've tried and easily followed through with - finally!!

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June, 2019

Amy Price: 

"I see Krish for my back. She has always been very warm, approachable and honest during my treatment. Krish has gone out of her way to let me know she is available for me to contact her about any questions I had, and has been SO supportive during my recovery. If you're after an approachable, bubbly yet professional Osteo, Krish is your girl".

What's the difference between Sports massage and Osteopathy?

The world of manual therapy may appear the same if you're new to it all, so how do you decide which therapy is the most appropriate to best take care of your body? I've also qualified in sports massage for 11 years and live in Berrylands, Surbiton, so I hold no bias here.
Let's see the core differences between how massage and how osteopathy can help you.

As an overview, the main difference between all therapies is your practitioner. Different training is provided for different therapies. A massage therapist in a beauty clinic has far less training than a sports massage therapist, who will have less training than an osteopath!


The title Massage Therapist in the UK is not protected. This means anyone can call themselves a massage therapist. Therefore, the training for massage varies significantly. For example, a beautician may take a 2-5 day course as part of their overall qualification and often learn a set routine based around relaxation. The techniques are often light, smoothing over the skin and incorporating blends of aromatic oils. The therapists knowledge of anatomy and understanding what is happening to the body is minimal.

There are many styles of massage and therapists; from holistic massage therapy, deep tissue massage, no hands massage, remedial massage, sports massage and more so no governing body regulates them. Voluntary registers exist, yet no specific obligation lies for a massage therapist to register so some will "do their own thing" after training – possibly not so safe!

I provide sports massage which is great for active patients that need a bit of muscle relaxation. Sports massage will only directly effect the musculature of the body, whereas Osteopathy treats all soft tissues including muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments, tendons etc. Osteopathy therefore is more suitable for anyone in pain, including anyone with sports injuries as Osteopaths may be able to provide greater pain relief if addressing more tissue types than sports massage does.
Often, if you go for a sports massage, the therapist onlys treats the area of pain, rubbing the sore part so it may feel better temporarily, but the pain then builds up more quickly again after, so you need a lot more care, which is expensive! Osteopathy is generally more holistic than sports massage in the sense that Osteopaths examine connecting areas to the region of complaint too ; Osteopaths view the body as a whole and are aware that the root cause of your presenting complaint may in fact be elsewhere in your body .


On the flipside, osteopathy is a regulated profession, and no therapist may call themselves an osteopath without registering with the General Osteopathic Council yearly. All osteopaths are trained to a minimum of BSc degree level, spending 4-5 years in university. This mean osteopaths have to practice with a code of conduct by their governing body, that sets practice standards, and complete a minimum number of Continuous Professional Development hours to keep training up to date.

Sometimes pain occurs from a region that isn't actually where we feel achy/pain. Simply rubbing over the surface with a basic massage will temporarily help, but to truly relieve your pain you need to address the root cause of the issue. Osteopaths are trained to identify this and use a variety of treatment techniques. They may use massage, including holistic and remedial, but likely also incorporate specialised techniques such as myofascial release and neuromuscular techniques. Therefore, treatments are tailored to your specific needs rather than following a set routine. Osteopaths treat an array of musculoskeletal conditions, in the whole body, from recovery of sports injuries through to working on stress relief and that "feel good" factor!

Osteopaths use their massage skills alongside other techniques to help improve joint mobility  and your overall flexibility, along with looking at factors that may be causing or prolonging your pain such as posture, lifestyle and even your mento-emotional state! Yes, your thoughts can have a massive impact on how your body's physical state is, and osteopathy recognises that good health is comprised of more than just your physical health.


Rehabilitation plans included

Tailored to individual preferences 

Online classes  Personalised

1:1 rehab 

breathwork movement 1 to 1 photo.png
fitness online pilates surbiton

1:1 Breathwork and Movement Online

Let go of tension in the comfort of your own home.

Mindfulness practices such as Pranayama breathwork have been proven to:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Promote better sleep.

I have a clinical background making classes safe.

Class details:

  •  Pranayama breathwork

  • Mindful body scan and progressive muscle relaxation

  • Movement and Vinyasa style yoga flow.

  • Modifications for all abilities



Beginners OSTEOPILATES for the CORE 


Tuesdays, 1.30pm

Small classes.

Modifications for all ages and abilities

I have a clinical background,

making classes safe

for anyone with aches/in pain

(subject to a quick health assessment).


Class details:

  • 5 mins warm up.

  •  1/2 hour pilates style core strength work

  • Fat burning body weight training incorporated.

  •  Cool down with 10-15mins Vinyasa yoga style stretching. 

Fitness class in Berrylands, Surbiton



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My OsteoPATH to Wellness maintains a reputable 5* service.

Whether you’re looking to get:

-Fitter, stronger, and manage symptoms

-Improve your posture

- Discover mindfulness for your mental health

 I'm here to help! Our testimonials, Facebook and Google reviews speak for themselves.

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My OsteoPATH to Wellness

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My OsteoPATH to Wellness


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K1, K2, K3, 281, 71, 418 and 406


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